SaaS Accounting Firm for Silicon Valley Startups and Early-Stage Companies

Part time CFO
  • Silicon Valley, SF Bay Area, and beyond
  • 25+ years working with startups
  • 400+ startups served
  • Experienced accounting and finance for SaaS businesses
  • ASC 606 compliance expertise

The accounting rules and requirements for software-as-a-service or “SaaS” companies are fundamentally different from those required of traditional sales and service models. SaaS reporting and measurement involves a new vocabulary involving metrics such as MRR, renewal rates, churn, customer lifetime value (LTV), and customer acquisition cost (CAC). We speak fluent SaaS.

Since SaaS is a relatively new concept, the rules surrounding accounting and finance for SaaS are somewhat of a moving target and best practices are still evolving. The CFOs and finance/accounting team at Keating are at the forefront of SaaS accounting. Beyond just keeping up with the latest best practices, we like to think we are contributing to the creation of those best practices.

From helping build your financial model, to optimizing your pricing/feature tiers to maximize revenue and retention, to ensuring the ongoing reliability of financial information and metrics you will need to report to your investors, stakeholders, and tax authorities, Keating has you covered.

  • SaaS business modeling and projections
  • Revenue recognition
  • Pricing/Tier optimization
  • GAAP-compliant SaaS revenue reporting
  • Analytics/Tracking key subscription metrics
  • Audits and compliance

Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, and Beyond

While the majority of EisnerAmper's interim CFO clients are based in Bay Area and Silicon Valley communities - including Campbell, Cupertino, Emeryville, Foster City, Los Altos, Los Gatos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Oakland, Palo Alto, Redwood City, San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Sunnyvale - we also serve clients outside of California and the US. For several, we act as their Bay Area presence/office.

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