Starting Up & Right : Episode 06 : To PEO or Not to PEO?

PEO and startup benefits experts Ronald Bland (AEIS) and Bruce Jobson (Keating Consulting Group) join the conversation to discuss PEOs for startups; when they are a good fit, when they are not, and what goes into the decision.

Starting Up & Right: Episode 05: Deepak Gupta, Venture Capitalist, Blue Bear Ventures

Deepak Gupta, VC at Blue Bear Ventures, startup coach/mentor (500 Startups, Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program), joins to discuss coaching startups, university-based entrepreneurship, and the new venture capital funds focused on commercializing student & faculty innovations.

Starting Up & Right: Episode 04: 409A Deep Dive

In this 2-part episode of Starting Up & Right, Zak Nugent, CEO of valuation firm Scalar, joins the conversation to talk in detail about 409As. The talk starts out as a general introduction to 409As and their purpose then digs in deeper to discuss details that startup founders need to consider as they price their common stock.

Starting Up & Right: Episode 03 - Intro to Employee Stock Options

Ryan explains the basics of stock options and what the employees that receive them need to know.

Starting Up & Right: Conversations with a Startup CFO - Episode 02 - Finance & Legal Collaboration

Startup attorney Mark White joins the conversation to discuss the frequent collaboration between finance and legal in a growing startup. Ryan and Mark discuss the benefits of strategic partnerships, giving examples of how they can go right, and how they can go wrong. They also discuss recent advances in cap-table management due to new platform technologies (such as Carta) and how these improvements have affected their roles with the cap-table. The result is just over 30 minutes of some specific and very helpful information.

Starting Up & Right: Conversations with a Startup CFO - Episode 01 - Deep Dive: The Financial Model

Ryan Keating and Trae Nickelson discuss the role and importance of a sound and active financial model in the creation and growth of successful startups.

Starting Up & Right: Conversations with a Startup CFO - A New Web Series for Startups

In this Prologue/Intro episode, we introduce the co-hosts and discuss the premise of a new web series focused on startups from the perspective and experiences of a Silicon Valley startup CFO. The episode covers the background of Ryan Keating and how he formed his perspectives on successful startup finance. Future guests will include startup founders, investors (VCs and angels), consultants/experts, and board members of startups. Key themes central to each show include fundraising, financial modeling, and board meetings.

The Keating COVID Chronicles

As the startup world tentatively enters the “return-to-office” phase of this COVID adventure and prepares for the “new normal,” we thought it might be interesting to briefly chronicle Keating’s own experiences and efforts so far in adjusting to the realities of social (and professional) distancing while supporting fast-moving startups during a pandemic. This post summarizes our own experiences and discusses our team's planning and decision-making processes.

Dashboards for Startups

A dashboard is almost as essential for your startup as it is for your car. Dashboarding can be transformative to your company and provide you, your executive team, and your investors with a new level of data-driven confidence, speed, and direction. But what makes a good dashboard, and how should you use it as the centerpiece for driving your startup?

Keating Expands Further Into Cannabis, Launches Mattari Group

In response to the unique needs of the burgeoning cannabis industry, Keating Consulting Group has launched its first spin-off specialty practice - Mattari Group, LLC. Mattari’s mission is to take the same finance, accounting, HR, and back-office expertise that Keating Consulting Group has perfected serving several of the Bay Area’s most successful tech startups and apply it to help grow startups in the cannabis arena.

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