DEADLINE EXTENDED: Required Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

by Denise Iavarone, Startup HR Generalist, Keating Consulting Group

As you may remember, back in May we notified you about new requirements in California to conduct mandatory harassment prevention training for all employees by the end of…

Banking and Credit Solutions for Startups

Credit cards and banks are all the same, right? Yeah, we used to think so too.  But recently we found (and partnered) with two companies that are paying particular attention to what startups need and are providing solutions that can actually make a difference. Meet BREX and First Republic Bank.

Sexual Harassment Training Required for CA Startups

California employers with 5 or more employees (no matter where located or what kind) must provide harassment prevention training to supervisors and employees.

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2017 and the beginning or 2018 has seen several changes, laws, trends, and standards that need to be considered when forming your company policies.

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